Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hi guys Baller Nation Grid is looking for BN OPERATIONS MENTORS to assist with new residents at the welcome area.
Job requires that you work 4 days a week you will be required to put in 2 hours shifts per day. If interested in this position contact Malani Baller for the job description and position. We will only be accepting 3 people for this position so contact me if interested thanks Baller Staff.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Taken applications starting August 1, 2016 - August 20, 2016

Upcoming Line Information:
Taken applications starting August 1, 2016 - August 20, 2016
Interview process will be August 22, 2016 - August 28, 2016
Pledge Line Announced September 4, 2016
Pledge Week starts September 19, 2016 - October 1, 2016
Crossover October 9, 2016
Pledge Line Information:
We will only accept applicants four times a year: January, April, July and October.

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