Wednesday, June 17, 2015


                                 ★So blessed and inspired to rep that blue and gold★

We are now accepting applications for our summer pledgeline 2015.Do you think you have what it takes to become a new sister of greek royalty? Well sign up today message iidripvenom resident,adreignsss,or kandee starsmith for an application in world today!Or obtain one from our main office >

ZMX believes you can become a soro regardless of race or color as long as you can live up to our high standards and principles such as staying active, representing ZMX at all times and always striving to be the best at everything you do. We are the classy ladies of the blue and gold.
ZMX 's mission is to support national and local awareness such as Alzheimer's, Breast Cancer,Autism, Trisomy and Help Newbie avatars new to secondlife.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


LOST SAINTZ MC CHAOTIC CURVES is the newest addition to LOST SAINTZ MC...please join us as the grid domination begins! Coming out party! Let's get it!!! Anyone wishing to join or inquire about the club....please contact me. 
-Nene Jonstone LSMC CC Chapter Prez
CeCe Coronet LSMC CC chapter VP or
Chiyoko Biago Luciano chapter Chief Admin

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Seeking prospects.

We are currently looking for prospects for our all womens chapter named Lost Saintz MC Chaotic Curves.If intrested please message iidripvenom Resident inworld.>> info about our organization>> Chaotic Curves is an all-female motorcycle club that is built under the foundation of LSMC to continue to promote family, loyalty,  and respect. We will pride ourselves in the daily contribution to the well-being of individuals and the SL community. We believe that by sharing common values and interests, we can increase the opportunity for LSMC to tap into as a force in different avenues in the SL community.


To promote unity among women riders by establishing friendships and close relationships with one another.
To be a positive role model in the SL community by recognizing and targeting areas where we can make a positive change and  influence the lives of others.
To encourage women of all races and ages to recognize that as women we are the backbone (strength) of our SL homes and SL community.
To come together as one and enjoy the freedom to ride in SL
To empower women and promote leadership within the SLMC and SL community in general.

Hair,Makeup,Clothing,Baby Hair Files & more…

Hair,Makeup,Clothing,Baby Hair Files & more…